Must Haves for an Industrial Kitchen


You do not have to frequently create culinary masterpieces for large dinner parties to want to have an industrial kitchen. Besides, when your kitchen is suitable for a top chef it will naturally inspire creativity. You may find yourself suddenly wanting to tackle those challenging recipes you have had your eye on. There is no concrete list of things your space must have to offer an industrial kitchen feel, but adding a few elements on this list will help you achieve the look with a little less effort.

  • Faux Fireplace Surround - A hot look this expected to become quite popular in upcoming years is creating a fireplace-like surround above and on either side of your grill, flattop, etc. Choose subway tile or something similar that can easily be wiped clean.
  • Smokeless Fireplace - While on the topic of fireplaces, a wall-mounted smokeless fireplace is ideal for a kitchen. After all, this is where you probably gather with friends and relatives even if you have a dining room table. A smokeless fireplace will create the right ambiance without the smoke, odor, or mess of wood-burning varieties.
  • Island - An island is definitely essential and it should be big enough to be functional. A large island that can welcome bar stools will become your gathering place. You may want to consider having your flattop and/or sink right on the island, depending on how large is. Slate and marble are warm and inviting, and add a certain level of charm to a space, or you can stick with stainless steel for a true industrial look. Stainless steel and wood paired together is a combination that has become quite popular. Do not forget to hang pendant lights above your breakfast bar, too.
  • See-through Refrigerator - If you are still nervous about removing cupboard doors and exposing the mess to everyone, then you may struggle to jump onboard the see-through refrigerator idea. You will definitely want to stock up on some nice glass Pyrex containers to be on display.
  • Plants - Plants are often overlooked in the kitchen, which is unfortunate, because this is one of the best places for them. Plants symbolize life and freshness and colorful blooms will wake your kitchen up. Not to mention, some types of plants do a great job at removing odor and cleaning the air. So, when you burn something, and your fire alarm goes off, the plants will do a great job of getting the air quality back to normal.

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