Mistakes Most Often Made Decorating a Home Office


You would think that individuals who work at home or simply use their home office a lot would put a great deal of thought into decorating this space. Unfortunately, this is rarely the case. For the most part, folks tend to do the bare minimum to this room because it's the room least likely to be seen by guests. If this sounds like you then you simply are not realizing your self-worth. It doesn't matter if you are the only person to see it; you are the only one who matters. Below are a few mistakes you want to avoid when decorating this room.

Placing the Desk at a Wall

One of the most common mistakes made is with desk placement. Is it really inspiring or motivating to look up from your work and see a wall? Not to mention, according to Feng Shui practitioners, you don't want your back facing a door either. Put the desk in a control position, so your back is to a wall and you can see everything going on around you.

Not Using a Lamp

Overhead ceiling lights are the worst lighting option for a home office. Sure, it lights the entire room, but you may still be straining to read documents in front of you. A desk lamp is the best option because you can target the light's placement.

Using a Space Heater

You are probably thinking that you will freeze without your little heater under the desk. Well, if you are someone who always has icicle toes then by all means keep using the space heater, but also add a more exciting heating element. Fireplaces that use bio ethanol are ideal for offices. They are relaxing and generate a fair amount of heat. Fireplaces that use bio ethanol make you look forward to going into your office every day.

Not Moisturizing the Air

You spend hours in this room every day, so the air you are surrounded with and breathing in should not be bone dry. This makes the space uncomfortable and leaves you with dry skin, chapped lips, brittle nails, and dull hair. A small fountain will make a huge difference in your comfort level.

Sticking with White Walls

You would think there must be a rule somewhere that says you have to stick with white walls because people seem to be terrified to use a paintbrush in this room. Certain colors can be very motivating. Yellow and orange can make you happy, blue inspires creativity, and soft green shades are very soothing. Of course, you can always use that one color you absolutely love, but doesn't match the rest of your living space. No one sees this room anyway, so who cares of it complements the rest of the home?

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  • Brady Draper