Tips for Creating the Coziest Living Room Possible


Have you ever visited someone's home for the first time, and couldn't wait to leave? They were a great host. They offered fabulous appetizers and had a fantastic bottle of wine, but there was just something about the home that made you feel uncomfortable. If you have been in this situation then you have probably also went home and gave your own living space a good long look. Is that how people feel visiting you? If you want to create a living room that is so cozy folks won't want to leave, consider including these elements in the space.

Floor Fireplace

You will have a hard time finding a single person who doesn't love curling up next to a warm fire. You don't need to have a wood-burning fireplace to create this inviting and comforting ambiance though. A floor fireplace that burns bio ethanol fuel is a much better option. This type of floor fireplace won't create smoke or demand to be fussed over every 30 minutes with a poker either.

Mix-and-Match Materials

A faux fur blanket, shaggy rug, and medley of velvet and bamboo pillows are things that are soothing to touch. If you are leaning against a blanket on the back of the sofa that scratches your neck every time you move, you are not going to want to sit there very long, are you? This is how your guests feel. Now, imaging you are sitting on the same sofa with a soft pillow next to you and a faux fur throw behind you. You'll never want to get up.

Create Candle Clusters

You don't have to actually light candles to put them to good use. You can find pillar candles in different sizes and colors on clearance all the time. Put them in small clusters. Simply looking at them creates a warm, familiar feeling.

Decorate with Books

As the population has shifted to electronic readers the charm of old books isn't appreciated as much anymore. Rather than having contemporary art pieces on your bookshelves, consider replacing some elements with books. You can often buy hardcover books for less than $1 at flea markets and yard sales. Old encyclopedias add an unexpected charm, and they can help mix things up, in terms of size.

Mess the Pillows

Pile on the pillows. Add pillows on top of pillows. Just don't take the time to make them perfect. This makes people wonder if they should even move one out-of-the-way to sit down. Leave them a little messy, and they look like they are waiting for someone to put them to good use.

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  • Brady Draper