Easy Ways to Make Your Living Space More Current


If you look around your home, and feel as though it would be the perfect place to film an episode of "The Brady Bunch," then maybe it is time for a little updating. Don't worry; you don't have to get rid of that old sofa and décor though, unless you want to. The eclectic look is very in style right now. You can add a few modern elements to your space that will make it look a little more current without sacrificing its unique personality that has been created through the years with all your old treasures.

Decide What to Keep

If you are going to add a few new pieces then you might need to get rid of a few, too. However, if you have a really large home maybe you can just add a shelving unit or another piece of furniture. Otherwise, you are probably going to need to decide what you are willing to part with.

Furniture Covers

Maybe all your home needs is furniture covers on that old furniture to cover the paisley design or stains. There is no point buying new furniture, if the stuff you have still has some life in it. Furniture covers are an easy fix.

Modern Freestanding Fireplace

Adding a modern freestanding fireplace to your home will definitely get across the look you are going for. Then, décor pieces really look spectacular on an angle in a corner. Nearly everyone has an empty corner they stare at day-after-day trying to decide what to put there. A modern freestanding fireplace that burns bio ethanol fuel will turn that eyesore corner into the room's focal point.

Upgrade Lighting

Now is the time to hang pendant lights over the breakfast bar, switch the chandelier in the dining room and buy new lamp shades. If you really want to draw attention to certain décor pieces, install track lighting to shine on these elements.

Art Fountain

Fountains are pretty timeless elements. So, if you already have one, you certainly do not need to replace it, but you can just expand your collection. If you don't have one this is your chance to get something no one you know has. Art fountains combine art with a water element for a unique and soothing display. A lot of people don't even know they exist, so the one you have is sure to be the topic of conversation at your next gathering.

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