Creating the Ultimate Bar Area in Your Home


For years, you have been talking about having a home with a bar. You would be the place where everyone wants to watch the big game or gather around holidays. So, now you have either bought a new home with a bar that needs decorating or you are finally ready to start remodeling the basement to add one. Either way, you may need a little help when you start decorating and stocking it. This last of must-haves will help.

  • Keep Liquor Safe - If you have children in the home, you will definitely want some sort of locking cabinet to hold the liquor bottles. It is also crucial that you protect the liquor from long periods of exposure to sunlight. Obviously, if the bar is in the basement the sun's rays won't be a concern. However, if you are building a bar in a sunroom, enclosed porch, or summer kitchen, you will need tinted glass or something along these lines to protect the liquor.

  • Smokeless Fire - Regardless if you are gathering with friends, entertaining family, or having a date night at home, a fire can set the right mood. You don't need to burn wood and spend all your time poking at an inconsistent fire though. A smokeless fire from a bio fuel fireplace is just what you need. Bio ethanol burns clean and consistent, and doesn't create smoke or emit toxins in the air.

  • Reusable Ice - Why deal with ice that water down your perfectly crafted cocktails? By the time you shake that martini to the desired temperature it is water logged. Reusable ice cubes are the perfect solution. They are a fun conversation piece, too.

  • Comfortable Chairs - It can be tempting to just buy stools with no back, but if you have ever sat on one of these for an extended period of time, then you know firsthand how uncomfortable they are. Spend a little extra on high-backed stool. You'll be grateful for the support, as will your guests.

  • Consider a Theme - You don't have to decorate your bar with a theme, but it is fun to do. Plus, if the bar is in the basement or an area not connected to the main part of the house, you don't have to worry about a matching. If you are a sports fanatic, create a sport- or team-inspired bar. Great Gatsby or a vintage theme can be fun, too. 

  • Buy Essentials - Aside from your reusable ice cubes, you are going to need short, tall, stem, and shot glasses. If you plan on making a lot of margaritas or sangrias, you may want appropriate glasses for these drinks, as well. You might also want to get cocktail shakers, bar spoons, straws, muddlers, and jiggers. You will also want simple syrup, tonic water, lime soda, and juices for mixers.

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  • Brady Draper