8 Creative Things to Do with a Fireplace You Don't Use


If you have a fireplace in your house, and you don't use it, it is probably either because you are concerned about polluting the environment or you are avoiding the health problems associated with a wood-burning fire. Maybe the fireplace simply can't be used because it needs repairs. Whatever the case is, there is no reason why it can't continue to be the centerpiece of your home, as it should be. Below are some creative ways to put it to good use.

  • Ethanol Burners - Do you miss curling up next to a warm fire on a cold night? Thanks to ethanol burners, you still can. These get placed right inside your clean fireplace. They don't create smoke, so there is no harm to the environment, and they don't compromise your health. Plus, they require no venting, so even a broken fireplace can accommodate one.
  • Bookshelves - If you are handy with a hammer and nails, you can get some wood and create shelving. You can put a piece of wood directly behind the shelves and wallpaper it with a unique pattern for an interesting display.
  • Plants - Fill the area with potted plants. You will just need to make sure you choose plants that prefer shade, if they are going inside.
  • Wood Logs - Sometimes, the element most missed is the pile of logs. Get a bunch of logs in different sizes and pack them in there with the cut edge facing out towards the room.
  • Holiday Display - Do you really get into decorating for every holiday? This space can be used as a holiday display. If you have kids this can be a fun craft project to do together every time a new holiday is approaching. You can also change the display according to season.
  • Antiques - If you have a vintage or Victorian theme in your home the space might be perfect to showcase some antiques. A stack of old suitcases or a bunch of frames and mirrors placed kiddie-corner might be perfect.
  • Pillar Candles - Create a tower out of pillar candles. You probably will not ever light this unless you want to deal with one giant glob of wax, but it will still look pretty cool.
  • Pet Bed - If you have a cat or a smaller dog, you can turn that unused space into a bed. Clean it out really well, and add a bed and blanket. You can even create a little curtain, so they have more of a den-like environment.

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  • Brady Draper
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