Essentials for an Industrial Bistro Kitchen


There is no denying that the industrial bistro-style look is very hot in kitchens right now. You might not even ever cook, but you are confident you will be inspired to at least tackle a recipe or two in this type of trendy and totally sophisticated environment. So, if you are ready to start the remodel, here are a few tips to help you create the look you are after.

Floor Plan

If you are doing a full remodel then you have the opportunity to create the perfect floor plan. It needs to be functional. You absolutely need an island, and if there is a sink on the island this is a definite bonus. The island is where friends and family will likely gather around,, so make it functional, and hopefully big enough for a few chairs.

Color Palette

You can go with a lot of different looks, but for a true industrial look, stick with gray-on-gray, with chrome and black accents. Rotate between shiny metal and muted black chairs and add wrought iron pendant lights over the island. It should look durable and tough with a flirtation of pizzazz and sophistication. The look says you are ready to work, but you have time to enjoy your surroundings. Limestone flooring, nickel-plated cabinetry handles, marble counters, and ceramic tile backsplash are a few other elements to consider.


An industrial kitchen demands high-end, high-performance, and efficient appliances. This does not only include the fridge, range, and oven either. A Mushiki or Japanese Seiro steamer, Vitamix, Excalibur dehydrator, and cappuccino machine are a few other ideas.

Cooking Utensils

A chef is only as good as his utensils. Splurge on some of these items and folks will actually believe you know what you are doing in there. A screwpull corkscrew, cherry pitter, microplane grater, digital thermometer, hygienic cutting boards, and quality knives are a few things you will need.

Add the Décor

Choosing the décor in an industrial-style kitchen needs to be done carefully. The wrong elements will take away from the look you are trying to achieve and some will simply look out of place. Ethanol wall fireplaces should be at the top of your shopping list. They are modern and sophisticated yet warm and inviting. Plus, ethanol wall fireplaces create no smoke or smell, so no venting is needed. Keep your centerpiece simple. A stainless steel bowl with fresh fruit is ideal. If you want, you can add a splash of color with fabric napkins. Yellow and tangerine are both popular with a gray-on-gray color pallet. Or, you can opt for a rich wine or deep plum shade for a completely different look.

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