Easy Ways to Add Cottage Charm to a Modern Space


Just because you happen to live in a newer home with modern amenities does not mean that you can't warm your living space with a little cottage charm. You do not necessarily need to decorate with a rustic theme to pull this off either. There are just certain cottage-inspired elements that naturally have a way of making a space warm and inviting.

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  • Chandeliers - Sometimes a contemporary space just needs a vintage chandelier to become a lot more interesting. You probably have some type of gorgeous pendant lighting that looks great, but it is totally expected. The last thing you expect to see in a modern space is an old vintage light.
  • Shutters - Old shutters can serve a few purposes inside your home. First, you could actually attach them to the walls to make them functional inside. This is a lot less predictable than modern window treatments. You can also use them as a frame around a mirror or picture, or place several next to one another to create a charming headboard for your bed.
  • Bio Fuel Fireplaces - The warmth and comfort of a roaring fire does have a place in a modern home, only it is safer and more sophisticated. Bio fuel fireplaces are available in freestanding, wall, and tabletop varieties. They give you the ambiance you are looking for without the threat to your health or the environment.
  • Columns - A column does not have to actually serve a structural support to be appreciated in a room. You can install one just for show. This is something that you will probably need to have made. If you prefer, you could also go with wood rafters instead. In this case, pine is very popular.
  • Grain Bin - You may not be old enough to remember grain bins from old general stores, but if you can find one or have one made it will certainly attract a lot of attention. You don't have to actually store grains in it. Pasta, candy, dried beans, and a long list of other things can be stored in them. You may just want to fill the bins with something that matches the space.
  • Outside Elements - You can set the inviting tone before guests even enter your home. Paint the front door a pretty color, plant rows of boxwood shrubs, and line your walkways with solar lanterns.

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