Tips for Creating a Cozy White Condo


So, you found a condo you can actually rent for a decent price on a coveted building. The only catch is that the owner does not want you to paint. The home is all white, and he is even including white high back chairs for the breakfast bar. How are you going to make this space appear and feel a lot cozier? Well, believe it or not, plenty of people have a predominately white color palette (including furniture), and still manage to create a space that is warm and inviting. Although white is often considered cold and disconnected, folks are proving this color (or lack of) actually has a lot to offer.

  • Modern Fireplace - The easiest way to bring warmth to a space (literally) is with a modern fireplace. It is not just the heat that changes the feel of the room though. The dancing flame of a modern fireplace is inviting and comforting, just like old wood-burning fireplaces only without all the health hazards and safety risks. You can buy a modern fireplace that stands on the ground, mounts on a wall, or sits on a table.
  • Make the Most of the White - Some people choose to use a color palette that is bold or bright in an attempt to mask some of the "whiteness." This is totally fine! However, you should not feel as though this is your only option. You can actually stick with white furniture, shelving, etc., and just add depth by incorporating in cream, light gray, and other extremely light colors. You can get plenty of definition from a light or muted palette.
  • Have a Focal Point - Focal points are important in all spaces, but they are an absolute must in all-white spaces. Otherwise, your eyes will just get lost in a sea of white. A show-stopping modern fireplace can actually work as a focal point. A large wall or freestanding water feature is another great option.
  • Decorate with Metal - A little metal can go a long way in a white space. Brushed nickel fixtures in the kitchen, a wrought iron chandelier or table, or a copper piece of art can completely change the dynamics of this type of room.
  • Have Fun with Fabric - If you really just can't find your happy place in a white room and you can't paint the walls, get creative with fabric instead. You can actually cover an entire wall in strips of fabric using thumbtacks that will barely leave marks. If that is a little too bold for you, use strips of fabric to create a border instead.

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  • Brady Draper