6 Guestroom Essentials


If your home is always welcome to both expected and unexpected guests, then your guestroom is probably filled more than it is empty. You want everyone who stays in your home to feel comfortable and you certainly won't mind if you hear that they told other folks just how cozy your guestroom is. If you want a room that will have friends and family planning their next visit before they even leave make sure you have the following essentials.

  • Super Comfy Bed - Okay, you don't have to spend a small fortune on the bed, but guests shouldn't wake up with a backache either. You can actually buy a decent memory foam mattress at a pretty affordable price. If you have an old hand-me-down bed, just use that and buy a mattress topper.
  • Textiles - If you wouldn't sleep on scratchy cheap sheets don't expect your guests to be thrilled about it. Quality bedding in this room will last a really long time unless your guestroom is getting used every day. You may also want to make sure you wash bedding with a detergent free of fragrance and coloring in case you have guests with sensitive skin.
  • Seating - A chair is essential. They may only use it to lay their suit across or put their purse on, but at least it is there.
  • Entertainment - Even in a comfy bed and in a house you are somewhat familiar with it can be hard to fall asleep somewhere other than your own home. A small TV or DVD player with headphones would be a nice touch. Have a diverse stack of movies to choose from, too. Books, magazines, crossword and Sudoku books (don't forget pencils), and even a Rubik's Cube are great things to add to this room.
  • Safe Fireplace - Whether the room is a little cold for their liking or if they simply want to create a relaxing environment, they are sure to appreciate being able to light a safe fireplace. Make sure it is filled with fuel and leave a little notecard with lighting and extinguishing instructions nearby. This is something they will definitely be talking about.
  • Water Fountain - You may not think to add a water feature to a guest room, but the soothing sound will help your guests relax. Plus, strange homes make strange noises that can keep you up all night. This includes outside noises, too. A water fountain will create a sound barrier so traffic, trains, creaking floors, etc., aren't so noticeable.

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  • Brady Draper