6 Environmentally Friendly Finds for Your Bedroom


Until you actually surround yourself in an environment fully of eco-friendly items, you can't appreciate how good it feels to know you are making a huge difference. You probably already have Energy Star appliances and energy efficient lighting throughout most of your home, but what about your bedroom? Do you look around and see inspiring pieces that are kind to the planet before you go to sleep? if not, you will love this list of must-haves for your bedroom.

  • Haiku Designs Platform Bed - If you are not in the market don't feel as though you have to buy a new bed. You certainly do not want that mattress ending up in a landfill prematurely. If you do buy a new one, find someone who can use the old bed or donate it. If you are going to buy a platform bed anyway, Haiku Designs make luxurious ones from wood harvested from managed forests. All glues and paints are nontoxic, too. Be prepared to reach deep in your pockets for a bed from this Italian company though. The good news is you can find more affordable ones made of reclaimed wood.
  • Bio Ethanol Floor Fireplace - There is nothing more relaxing and comforting than a warm fire. Of course, you know that burning wood is bad news for your health and the environment. Fortunately, you can buy a bio ethanol floor fireplace and enjoy a smoke-free, odor-free, and maintenance-free fire.
  • Natural Comforter - Skip the pesticide-ridden cotton or cruel down-filled comforter. Natural comforters look and feel gorgeous and you won't be compromising your health every time you go to bed. Choose one made from cotton that is undyed and grown without pesticides, chemicals, and synthetic fertilizers. There are even super warm ones with filling made from plastic bottles.
  • Jute Rug - If you want a stylish rug, choose one made from jute, which is a renewable natural fiber that grows super-fast.
  • Bamboo Sheets - Not only is bamboo one of the fastest growing plants on the planet; it's also generally grown in a pesticide-free environment due to its resistant properties. Sheets made from organic bamboo are super soft and incredibly durable.
  • Soy Candles - A bio ethanol floor fireplace will create ambiance, so you don't need candles, but sometimes it is just nice to fill the space with a beautiful scent. Opt for soy candles with a lead-free wick, made from natural ingredients. You don't want to add chemicals to the air you are breathing.

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