Create a Bold Living Room with a Small Budget


Do you have expensive taste, but not the budget to quite back it up? Join the club! Most people dream of their living room looking a certain way, but can't figure out how to create the look they want on a smaller salary. Well, before you settle for a look you feel disappointed with, put these tips to use. You can create a bold space on a small budget that will have friends and family thinking you must have gotten a raise you didn't tell anyone about.

  • Furniture Covers - If you can use covers to breathe new life into your furniture, then you can use that extra money saved from not having to buy furniture towards other elements. Obviously, if you have springs poking through your sofa and you have already super glued the leg back on your chair then you need to invest in furniture. Bean bag chairs and hammock swings are cool pieces that are affordable and manage to make a space a lot more interesting.
  • Tabletop Fireplace - Most people see a modern tabletop fireplace and assume it must have cost a small fortune. You may be thinking the same thing. However, manufacturers are now creating smaller varieties that look expensive, but are budget-friendly. A dancing flame from a tabletop fireplace will totally change the look and feel of your living room.
  • Glass Boxes - A decorative glass box with a hinged lid simply brings a touch of elegance to a space. Plus, you can put something on display inside. Some people like to use two, and stack a smaller one on top of a larger one. Use these to display seasonal décor, and they will become a fun, ever-changing focal point. Paint shells or rocks to put inside, and fill one with pink and red foil-wrapped chocolates on Valentine's Day. People who visit you regularly will look forward to seeing what you have on display next.
  • Paint an Accent Wall - Although paint is fairly cheap, an accent wall naturally makes a space look and feel more sophisticated. Use leftover paint on the old table you find at a garage sale.
  • Sheer panels - Even if you have blinds, you can mount a rod and hang sheer panels. You can find them super cheap and they add a beautiful soft glow when natural light shines through.
  • Window Box Frames - Rather than mount traditional shelving or buy an expensive shelving unit, buy window box frames. They offer a unique twist on shelving, and you can find great deals on them.
  • Coasters - Nearly every person who sits in your living room is going to reach for a coaster. So, make sure the coasters you have are worth reaching for! Skip the generic ones and opt for some that will raise an eyebrow.

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  • Brady Draper