Finishing Touches for Your Nail Salon


If you are planning to open a small nail salon, you might be torn on how to decorate it. If you already have a salon, but are feeling the effects of the new spa that opened down the road, then you may just need to give your space a facelift to compete. One of the reasons people flock to spas and pay top-dollar for services is because of the environment they offer. Adding a few calming elements or making some tweaks to the décor can go a long way in maintaining your current clientele and earning new loyal ones. Adding one or all of the elements on this list could prove to be very beneficial to you.

  • Smokeless Fireplace - Fire is one of the main elements that create a welcoming and calming fireplace. You can buy a smokeless fireplace in wall, freestanding, and tabletop varieties. They burn bio ethanol, which does not create smoke, odor, or toxic fumes. If you buy only one thing on this list, let it be a smokeless fireplace.

  • Water Fountain - You can go in any spa in the country, and there is a very high chance it will have at least one water fountain. The sound of cascading water instantly soothes and relaxes the mind. Although you can add a few throughout the salon, you absolutely want to make sure you include one in the waiting room to calm nerves as soon as people arrive.

  • Beverage Station - If people are going to have to wait for their appointment, having a beverage station for them to enjoy is ideal. This doesn't have to be anything fancy. A small table with a coffeemaker, electric kettle with hot water, a pitcher of filtered cold water, and an assortment of tea and sweeteners will keep people happy for a bit.

  • Coat Rack - In many cases, when you enter a spa, someone either takes your coat or you are directed to a room to change where you can leave your coat or put it in a locker. Having a simple coat rack at the door will at least allow people to shed their hot jacket, so they can be more comfortable during their stay.

  • Mirrors - You really can't have enough mirrors in this type of environment. The person who just got windblown walking through the parking lot does not want to sit there guessing if their hair is standing straight up, or if the hem of their skirt is tucked under, revealing a little too much skin to the world. Thoughtfully placed mirrors will definitely be appreciated by those who visit your establishment.

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  • Brady Draper