Tips for Designing the Ultimate Game Room in the Basement


If you put some thought into designing your game room it is pretty much guaranteed that it will become the most popular space in the house. Whether you are designing it for the kids, so they always have a place to hang out with friends or if you and your friends are still big kids at heart, the game room is sure to become the room where some of the best memories are made.

Choose a Theme

You do not necessarily need a theme for a game room, but it will bring a fun vibe to the environment. You really can't go wrong with a casino theme, especially if you plan on playing some poker down there, but a few additional options to consider include golf, rock n' roll, racing, log cabin, beach, yacht, surfing, western, ski lodge, 50's, medieval, and sports.

Game Idea

Having a television with video game consoles is probably already on your list. If you enjoy playing cards then a poker table might be in order. You might want to consider a covetable poker table with a top that can be used as a regular table for board games. A few additional games you may want to add include darts, golf putting green, ping pong, Foosball, arcade games, billiards, and air hockey. You could even have a bowling alley installed, if you really want to. Do you have a tall ceiling? Install a half court for basketball.

Mini Kitchen

Having an actual kitchen area with running water would be ideal, but you certainly do not have to commit to such a large project to make the most of this space. A fridge is essential, but your kitchen area could simply be made up of folding tables for snacks, shelves for storage, and trash and recycle bins. If you are creating a more adult-like game room, feel free to add a bar, and maybe even a cooler to hold kegs for draft beer.

Make it Comfortable

Basements are generally cold, so you will need at least one ventless fireplace to provide heat. Obviously, if you have a large basement you may want a few. A ventless fireplace that mounts on the wall will be ideal, because it will be out of the way. Large rugs will be warmer than walking on concrete, too. Humidity may play a role in comfort, as well. If your basement is generally damp, buying a dehumidifier is a must.

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  • Brady Draper