4 Benefits of Installing a Kitchen Island


Whether you are planning a kitchen remodel and considering adding an island, or if you are thinking about buying a house that already has one, but you are not quite sure if you will use it, you may want to become familiar with the reasons why they are so popular. Although often associated with gourmet, chef-inspired spaces, you certainly do not need to be a master of the kitchen to appreciate this versatile addition.

  • Informal Seating - Unless you are having a planned formal meal, you probably avoid sitting at the dining room table. If a friend stops by for coffee, it is unlikely you will direct them to such formal seating to just sit and chat. Everyone loves to gather around the island anyway, so you might as well put a few tall chairs on one side, and make this an informal seating area.

  • Increased Prep Space - If you love to cook, and all your friends know that they can stop by pretty much any day and be guaranteed a fresh meal or homemade baked goods; you can probably use the extra prep space. Just think of all the cookies and pastries you can roll out with your rolling pin on the island, and not feel the least bit cramped. You can roll out dough, and prepare dinner on your other counters at the same time. 

  • More Homework Space - When there are multiple children in a home, there is always a shortage of homework space. If you happen to work at home or are simply always using your desk in the office, you probably do not want things moved around in there. When you add a few tall bar stools or chairs to the island, you get more space where everyone can lay out their school books, notebooks, and supplies.

  • Focal Point - Kitchens often lack a focal point because a lot of folks just don't think to add art to this space. Islands become a natural focal point, but you can maximize this benefit by addition a dynamic piece of art to the counter. A bio ethanol fuel fireplace is ideal. Everyone is gathering around the island anyway, so you might as well make it warm and inviting with a dancing flame. Plus, if you use the island for informal seating, your bio ethanol fuel fireplace will be a great centerpiece that will create an abundance of ambiance.

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  • Brady Draper