10 Elegant Ideas for Your Dining Room


An increasing number of people are once again starting to use their dining room more and more. The population may have traded in the formal environment for a TV tray and sofa for a while, but the dining room is quickly becoming the most popular and most redecorated room in the house. Whether you are gathering around the table for a family dinner or hosting a weekend party, you are sure to be able to make use of at least a few of these elegant ideas.

  • Patterned Roman Shades - If you have a neutral, all white or black dining room, consider adding Roman shades in a modern patterned fabric. It will add a little depth and excitement without taking away from the simplicity.

  • Oversized Candelabras - Be inspired by Liberace with a centerpiece of oversized candelabras. Just try to refrain from wearing an extravagant costume please.

  • Ethanol Fuel Fireplace - Create the right ambiance for your dinner party with an ethanol fuel fireplace. Wall-mounted ones are the most popular option for dining rooms, but freestanding and tabletop ones are also available. Your ethanol fuel fireplace will not create smoke or emit toxins into the air, so it is safe to use in any environment. 

  • Chair Covers - You can instantly change the dynamics of a dining room with decorative fabric chair covers. Don't play it safe. This is your chance to really take the level of sophistication to the next level. If you have a black contemporary room, consider gray pinstriped covers with bright yellow bows. Be bold!

  • Natural Approach - Elegant does not have to mean contemporary. You can easily create an elegant space with natural elements. Hang wreathes above the table like pendant lights and decorate with bamboo cutting boards on the wall.

  • Don't Be Scared of Bling - Many people are scared of crystal chandeliers. Are the appropriate? Will adding one be overkill? Are they too dated? Go for it! If you are not sure if the crystal chandelier will complement your modern space, opt for a black crystal one or choose a crystal pendant.

  • L-shaped Corner Bench - Your dining room does not need to have a traditional dining room table. A farm-style table or breakfast nook can be equally as elegant, and a lot more comfortable.

  • Mix-and-Match Seating - There is no rule that all chairs have to match. If you are buying fabric chairs or adding covers consider half striped and half floral. You could also paint the trim around the windows bright blue, lime green, or any other color, and then paint half the chairs that color.

  • Play with Black - If you are going to use black, avoid being predictable. Black can be very boring when used incorrectly. Black fringed curtains paired with zebra print chair covers should make things a little more interesting.

  • Layer Linens - You can dress up a table and change the look of a room by layering linens in contrasting colors, or use one solid and one printed linen.

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  • Brady Draper