Seasonal Depression Causing the Blues? Redecorate Your Home


Do you just not feel like yourself in the winter months? Maybe you are suffering from seasonal affective disorder, more commonly known as winter depression. Scientists are still puzzled by this condition that affects a surprisingly high number of people. The lack of sunlight and shorter days can directly influence your mood. So, how are you supposed to deal with it until the days get longer again? Redecorating is a good place to start.

Why Redecorate?

There are many ways to deal with depression, such as walking, taking an art class, or enjoying a new hobby. However, changing your surroundings is equally as beneficial. First, redecorating will give you a project to work on. The busier you stay the less you will go crazy from being cooped up indoors. Second, having a fresh environment is exciting and uplifting. If you have been looking at the same surroundings for years, this could be contributing to your state of mind.

Change Your Color Scheme

Many people associate winter with darker colors. Unfortunately, as attractive as a darker palette can be, this will do nothing to help a depressive state. Now is the time to paint that lime green or bright orange accent wall. Not ready to go quite that bold? Consider just lightening the palette a little. Maybe just add one brightly colored furniture or décor piece.

Move Around Furniture

Redecorating does not have to mean splurging on all new furniture. Create a whole new layout with what you have. Try pulling the sofa to the middle of the room for a while. You can also find furniture covers that are quite affordable. So, you can turn that beige sofa into a hot pink one, and then remove the cover later when you don't need something quite so cheery.

Add a Modern Bio Fuel Fireplace

Your space heater in your living room is a constant, noisy, and unattractive reminder that it is cold outside. A modern bio fuel fireplace will create a cozy, relaxing environment. Not to mention, these smokeless and ventless fireplaces sure are nice to have when the power goes out. At least you have some sort of warmth to curl up next to.

Consider a Fountain

A water fountain is the perfect complement to a modern bio fuel fireplace. It will help create a calming environment, so your mind can be soothed. Plus, the water evaporation will combat that dry, uncomfortable air you are dealing with every time the furnace kicks on.

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  • Brady Draper