Decorating Tips for a Bed & Breakfast


Whether you live by a popular ski resort and want to start renting out your guestroom to travelers or if you are opening a large scale bed and breakfast, the décor needs to be chosen thoughtfully. A person's environment influences their mood. You definitely do not want the guestrooms so "loud" with patterns, art, and colors that they affect sleep quality, but you don't want your visitors to feel like they are just in some average hotel either. Below are a few decorating tips that should come in handy.

Decide on a Color Scheme

When choosing your color scheme, you should take your potential guests into consideration. If you expect to cater to older travelers stick with neutrals or soft muted colors. If you are positive your guests will be young and hip, then maybe you can incorporate that lime green wall into your scheme. If the rooms are on the small side, stay away from darker colors that will dwarf the space. Of course, you can have some darker décor pieces, but you definitely don't want to paint the walls dark gray or have an oversized black sofa in the room.

Choose Furniture Thoughtfully

It can be tempting to go with a smaller bed to make the room appear larger. However, your guests won't appreciate it when they can't get a good night's rest. The mattress should not be overly firm or soft. Opt for something in the middle and leave your personal preference out of the decision.

If you are adding a dresser, choose a material that won't easily ruin when a guest leaves their sweating water bottle on top. You need quality pillows and everyone will likely appreciate a full length mirror. If you have room for extra furniture, by all means feel free to add it, but not at the risk of cramping the space. A chair is easy to squeeze into a corner of even a small room. However, don't add a sofa, chaise, or anything similar unless you really have the space.

smokeless fireplace

Smokeless Fireplace

Having a smokeless fireplace in each room could be the distinguishing factor you need to be more appealing than other bed and breakfast venues in the area. A wall-mounted one is ideal, so there is no risk of it getting knocked over. A smokeless fireplace will burn bio ethanol fuel, which is perfectly safe to use in nearly any environment. You can fill the burner at turndown and light it for them when they retreat to their room for the evening.

Interesting Yet Simple Décor

Decorating your bed and breakfast will be the most exciting part of the whole process. However, it can be really easy to overdo it. You want the décor to be interesting enough to not look like just an average guestroom, but you don't want to add so many elements that it appears cluttered. Choose wall-mounted pieces and maybe one décor item to rest on the dresser or nightstand. Small pieces are too tempting to steal. You also want to avoid holiday themed directions; unless you are sure your guests celebrate the same holidays as you.

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  • Brady Draper