Decorating with Orange - You Can Do It!


Various shades of orange have literally exploded in popularity in the world of interior design. There is a good chance that you recently opened a magazine or watched a decorating show on TV where this bold color was the primary focus. If suddenly you have a yearning to introduce orange to your home, these tips will help.

Choose Your Shades

First, you don't have to stick with one shade of orange. You certainly can opt for only one, but using a few shades can create an interesting display, as well. If you have a black or white room, choose bolder shades. If you are adding orange to a room with a neutral palette, consider deep or light shades, or a combination of both. If you are not sure which shades are considered hip, check out popular favorites by Sherwin Williams, such as Knockout Orange, Invigorate, Mandarin, Sunset, Outgoing Orange, and Daredevil.

Paint One Wall or All?

Now that you picked your color you need to decide what you are painting. Do you prefer to do one accent wall or make a statement painting them all? If you are not adding any large orange furniture or décor pieces to the room you can easily paint all the walls. If you plan on showcasing this color in the décor, then stick with one wall.

Add a Ventless Fireplace

Orange is a modern, creative, inspiring color that happens to be complimented exceptionally well by a ventless fireplace, especially when it is lit. Just imagine a gorgeous silver and black ventless fireplace mounted on an orange accent wall. Your room will look like it belongs in a magazine.

Decorate with Orange Furniture

Orange can quickly consume a space, if overused. If you paint an accent wall, you don't want to rest an orange sofa directly in front of it. Having an orange chair in an opposing corner or an orange shelving unit on the adjoining wall will create a nice balance. 

If you decide to not paint any of the walls then you can easily make a large piece of furniture in this color your main focal point.

Start Small

Do you love the idea of an orange room, but are not quite sure you are ready for such a dramatic change? Start small by simply introducing the color in small décor pieces. A pillow, rug, or throw blanket is a good place to start. Chances are good you will receive so many complements you will be inspired to go just a little bolder. 

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  • Brady Draper
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