Make Your Finished Basement Cozier with These Elements


It has taken you months of working in your spare time, but you have finally got the basement finished. Since you moved into the house you have dreamed of having a cozy place to entertain guests, watch movies, or have family game night. The space is finished, but your work is nowhere near being done. You need to finish and decorate still. Now, maybe you have had your colors picked out all along and already have a vision for the space. However, if you are like many you have switched ideas in your mind several times and just cannot settle on one. It is a little more challenging than decorating the rest of the home because you have exhausted a lot of time and energy into the space. It has to be perfect. You will need to choose your colors and/or theme on your own, but the following list should help with your decorating decisions. 

Recessed Wall Fireplaces

Recessed wall fireplaces should be at the top of your shopping list. First, they will provide you with heat. Most basements are quite cold. It is rare to find one with a heat duct and if you have an older house that you are refinishing then you likely do not have any forced heat down there. Even on a mild night the basement can be considerably colder than the rest of the house. Recessed wall fireplaces will provide you with heat while also creating an inviting and comfortable atmosphere. Plus, they are so attractive that one will act as a focal point even when it is not being used.

Bean Bag Chairs

This space should have the most comfortable seating in the house. Whether you are enjoying a bottle of wine, playing video games, or having a movie marathon, you want seating that you can melt into for hours at a time. Bean bag chairs fit this description. Be sure to buy some with machine-washable covers.

Thoughtful Lighting

It is very unlikely that you have high ceilings. It does not matter if you hang a pendant or ceiling light in a place you think no one will hit it; they likely will. Choose track lighting that sits close to the ceiling or go with wall lighting instead.


Everyone loves ottomans. There is nothing better than putting your feet up after a long day. If you buy ottomans that double as storage then you can hide blankets, games, boxes of tissue, etc. inside.

Recycle Bin

If you are really going to do a lot of entertaining then buy a recycling station. Of course, you will have a regular trash can, too, but there will be no excuse for cans and paper products to "accidentally" end up in the trash, if there are clearly marked recycle bins.

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  • Brady Draper