Tips for Hosting the Perfect Outdoor Dinner Party


Whether you are throwing a larger engagement party, or if you are simply having another couple over for dinner and drinks, the event can either be very successful or go really bad. If the party was inside, you wouldn't have as many potential complications to deal with. However, if you weren't using your patio to entertain you might not be inviting everyone over to begin with. There is something about the warm weather that makes people more social. If this sounds like you, then you will find these tips very helpful to ensure your gathering is a success. 

Prepare for Mosquitoes

The one thing you do not want invading your party is a swarm of thirsty mosquitoes that infiltrate the second the sun goes down. Tiki torches are probably the first thing coming to mind. These are a nice start but they can use a little help. First, you can spray the yard with an organic bug repellent product a few days prior. If you have standing water, mosquito bits work wonderfully to kill larvae. They can even be put in birdbaths without worrying that they will make your feathered friends sick. Mosquito repellent lanterns are also quite helpful. They run on batteries and emit a fragrance mosquitoes hate while also masking carbon dioxide so these pests can't find you.

Bio Fuel Fireplaces

It is amazing how cold it feels when the sun goes down after a warm summer day. The easiest way to keep your guests comfortable is to add bio fuel fireplaces to your outdoor living space. If you have a small patio, then a large fireplace will probably be fine. However, if your entertaining area is rather significant you will want to scatter a few around. This way, people will not have to cuddle up in a circle around the flame of one trying to get warm.

Light the Path

You know where the steps to the deck are, and you can find your way around the edging of the flower beds with your eyes closed. Keep in mind though that guests are likely to trip and fall because of something they do not see. Solar lights are perfect.

Cups with Lids

You may want to serve cocktails in fancy stemware, but this really is not practical. First of all, glass can get dropped and broken, and then you have to worry about someone getting cut on glass in the dark. Plus, you never know when a spider or some sort of flying insect has ended up inside the drinks. Opt for cups that have lids, and they should be made of a durable material, so they don't break. If you are leaving snacks out to munch on, use Tupperware or serving platters with lids.

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  • Brady Draper