Tips for Decorating with Gray


If you have not noticed lately, gray is the new hot color of interior design. Some believe that the gray craze is going to surpass even the love for neutrals that most of the population has shared at some point. Now, you may be thinking that gray is such a drab and depressing color you would never decorate with it. Well, when used properly it is also mysterious, sophisticated, and even a little enchanted.

Choose Your Shades

The key to decorating with gray is to use multiple shades to create depth. Of course, it will look boring if you use all one shade; any color would.

  • Cool Light Grays - These grays have a hint of blue undertone. They are zen, peaceful, crisp, and clean, and perfect on ceilings and walls.

  • Cool Dark Grays - These are glamorous shades that add a bit of excitement. "Chelsea Gray" by Benjamin Moore is a fine example.

  • Warm Light Grays - The hint of yellow in these shades telegraph comfort, coziness, and earthiness. In sunny environments these grays can almost look taupe. Ideally, warm light grays are used in rooms without a lot of natural light. "Elephant's Breath" by Barrow Ball is a warm light gray.

  • Warm Dark Grays - If you want to add a historic feel to your room you will use a warm dark gray shade, such as Farrow Ball's "Charleston Gray."

Play with Textures

Choosing a few shades will create depth, but introducing a variety of textures to the room will make the environment even more interesting. Dark sheer window valances, a light gray chenille blanket, and medley of shades on furry pillows all bring unique textures to the space.

Buy a Fireplace

Every room needs a focal point, but it is crucial in a gray room. Even with several shades to look at, the eyes may struggle to come to rest on one particular object. A fireplace is the perfect solution. A dancing flame captures attention immediately and draws the eyes in. Plus, when not lit, a modern fireplace will act as a piece of art.

Add a Color Splash

Gray goes with nearly any color, which means you can add one or several bold secondary colors. If you want to add a turquoise wall and lime green rug, and then combine them in patterned decorative pillows, then this is exactly what you should do. A splash of color will ensure your room has the level of excitement you are hoping for.

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  • Brady Draper