Create an Outside Reading Nook


If you love to read then you will agree that there is nothing more enjoyable than relaxing in the fresh air with a good book. You are probably satisfied to sit in a chair and wear a hat and sunglasses, so you are not blinded by the sun during the day. Alternately, if you are outside in the evening then you have to wear a warm layer and spray yourself down with bug repellent. None of these things are huge issues, but if you have a thoughtfully created and incredibly comfortable reading nook, then you will likely retreat there a lot more often. 

  • Comfortable Seating - If you have something to sit on that you can literally melt into for hours you will enjoy your reading nook that much more. You definitely do not want to end up complaining of a sore back every time you spend some time reading. Hammock chairs are ideal, if you prefer to sit. A regular hammock works great, if you like to lie down. A bean bag chair is also a fantastic option, but make sure it has a removable, machine-washable cover.

  • Personal Ethanol Fireplace - You will never have to think twice about going out to read when you have a personal ethanol fireplace. A cool evening or a crisp fall morning will not hold you back from enjoying your reading nook, if you have a personal ethanol fireplace to keep you warm. You simply pour the fuel in and ignite. Even the smallest ones create a surprising amount of heat. When you are ready to go back inside, bring your fireplace with you to enjoy indoors.

  • Shade - This is an absolute essential. You do not want to be forced to strain your eyes while you are reading. If you have a big shade tree, create your nook near the trunk, on the side that sees the most shade. A patio umbrella also works great.

  • Table - A small table is more important than you might think. You can use this to place your beverage and snack on. Plus, if you plan on using a bug repellent lantern or citronella candle you will want something to put it on.

  • Lighting - During the day you will not have a need for lighting, but on overcast days and in the evening you will want to be able to see to read. Also, lighting deters thieves, thereby making you feel a little safer. A few solar lights will be helpful.  You can also buy clip-on lights that attach right to your book, hat, etc.

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  • Brady Draper