6 Décor Pieces People Do Not Expect to Find in a Waiting Room


No one arrives to your business hoping they will get to wait an extra-long time. Most people get annoyed after only five minutes of waiting. Some of this has to do with the fact that they have a dozen other places they would rather be. However, most is because décor is so uninviting that they cannot even stand to be in the room. Why not create a waiting room so exciting that they do not even feel the need to look at the time on their cellphone.

  • Smoke Free Fireplaces - No one expects to walk into a waiting room and be welcomed by a warm dancing flame. Smoke free fireplaces burn bio ethanol fire and are available in a large variety of styles. A wall one is ideal if you want to make sure it is out of the way.

  • Beverage Center - Would a coffee and tea center be too much to ask for? All you need is a small table where you can display tea, sweeteners, cups, etc. They are less likely to get irritated about waiting if they have something to sip on.

  • Great Magazine Selection - Most waiting rooms have three to five types of magazines. These popular ones do not necessarily appeal to every person who walks through the door. Besides, they probably read them already. Expand your magazine selection to make everyone happy. This is especially important if you have a waiting room that people sit in for quite a while. The service department at a dealership is a good example.

  • Wall Water Fountains - When folks walk through the door and are greeted by a wall water fountain they will instantly feel better about being there. Their mood is calmer and their mind simply relaxes. Instead of thinking about all the things they should be doing they are able to just enjoy the display provided by the fountain. Adding your logo to the piece is definitely recommended.

  • Coat Rack - No one should feel as though they have to sit there overheating with their coat on. Of course, you do not want wet coats and umbrellas placed on the furniture either. A large coat rack by the door is the solution.

  • Bean Bag Chairs - Add these fun, comfortable chairs to your waiting room and watch eyes light up. You do not have to replace all your chairs with them, but at least have a few that people can melt into, if they choose.

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  • Brady Draper