Décor to Splurge on for Your Contemporary Space


If you are trying to create the most contemporary space possible then ordinary art just will not do. You want pieces that are so dynamic they spark conversation. These are items that guests just stop and stare at when they walk in the room. You even get a flutter in your heart when you look at them, even though you see them every day. Below are a few ideas of such elements that will take your modern living environment to the next level.

Two Sided Bio Fuel Fireplaces 

If you did not even know these existed until just now you are not alone. Most people have never seen one, so just imagine how guests are going to react when they see one at your home. As their name implies, two sided bio fuel fireplaces can be appreciated from both sides. They are ideal to install in a wall that separates two rooms, such as a dining room and living room. You can even just place them somewhere they can be viewed from any angle.

Wovin Wall

These installed three-dimensional pieces turn your entire wall into a piece of art. Just imagine a stainless steel one on a lime green wall. There are a variety of styles and many offer fantastic acoustic benefits.

Wall Mounted Planter Boxes

Sure, you can place a few gorgeous planters around and call it a day. However, wall mounted Ipe planter boxes with stainless steel light fixtures will certainly give your room the "wow" factor you are looking for.

Large Waterwall

Every room needs a water element, but a contemporary room is perfect for a large freestanding one. As the water makes its long journey down the fountain face the sound will create a soothing environment. Plus, a small amount of evaporation will occur, which will combat dry air. Slate and glass are both perfect options for this type of environment.

Room Divider

There are so many gorgeous room dividers available that it is really a shame not to incorporate one into your space. A LOFTwall Wave Room Divider is a good example of one you might be interested in.

Accent Chair

Do not replace your comfortable seating with chairs that guests do not know whether to sit on or admire. If you have a large room and a lot of extra floor space then go ahead and add an unusual accent chair as an extra seating piece. A few cool ones to check out include Panton Junior Chair by Verner Panton, Fun Arm Chair by Chintaly Imports, Eros Side Chair by Kartell, and Side Chair by Flux.

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  • Brady Draper