5 Essentials for Your Lanai


If you have a lanai then chances are good that you spend as much time in that open-sided veranda as you can. These architectural additions on homes originated in Hawaii and are named after the six-largest of the Hawaiian Islands. So, it only makes sense to decorate this space as though you are in one of the world's most beautiful tropical places. Unlike a regular patio, a lanai has a roof, so you have a little more decorative freedom of what you can do with the space. Below are a few essentials to get you started.

  • Ethanol Fireplace - This is one essential you absolutely cannot be without. An ethanol fireplace will allow you to enjoy your lanai after temperatures dip. This also means you can use the space earlier and later in the season. Plus, a dancing flame will create the perfect ambiance whether you are relaxing by yourself or gathered with friends. Do not worry about harming the environment because this is a clean-burning fuel source that creates no smoke.

  • Water Fountain - Speaking of ambiance, the perfect complement to your ethanol fireplace is a wall fountain. The sound of the cascading water will help create a soothing environment. Since the lanai will have at least one wall, you may want to buy a wall-mounted variety and make the most of that space.

  • Mini Fridge - Sometimes, walking in the house feels like such a huge effort. Having a mini fridge stocked with beverages will save you a lot of unnecessary trips inside. This is a definite bonus if you have the air conditioning on inside the house, so you do not let all the cool air out every time you open the door.

  • Outdoor Rug - Although the lanai is covered you are probably walking outside, too. So, you do not want an indoor rug. Choose a large decorative outdoor one. When it gets dirty all you have to do is drag it out to the yard and spray it with the hose. There are some that are every bit as nice as those you decorate with inside your house.

  • Thoughtful Lighting - In the evening you are going to need a little light. Of course, as you know regular lights are going to attract mosquitoes, the most unwanted guests. Consider hanging lanterns that you can burn citronella candles inside. Tiki torches are always a great idea, as well.

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