Your Guide to a Dream Kitchen


Are you finally ready to remodel the kitchen that has left you uninspired all these years? Maybe you just bought an old house that has a little more character in the kitchen than you are prepared to deal with. If you are ready to indulge in the ultimate remodel you are probably looking for ideas to help you create a dream kitchen. This list should get you inspired.

  • Glass-paneled Cabinets - For a while, rich wood cabinets were coveted in kitchens, but clean white cabinets are making a comeback, especially if they have glass panels.
  • Ethanol Wall Fireplace - Why is it that people are quick to add an ethanol wall fireplace to the living room and bedroom, but never consider the kitchen for such a purchase? You spend a lot of time in there, so if you want a dream space that will inspire gossip, add an ethanol wall fireplace to your décor.
  • Glass Front Refrigerator - Remember the frenzy over stainless steel appliances? Well, that same crazed reaction is about to be experienced over glass front refrigerators. There are also glass-front garden coolers for homes that eat a lot of greens and veggies. Do not forget your glass-front wine cooler to match.
  • Functional Island - A kitchen island doesn't only have to be for preparing food. If you have the space to make a dining area here then friends can gather while you cook. An extravagant range hood dropped from the ceiling over the range is a must, as well.
  • Unique Floor - Skip the tile, laminate, or wood for your floor, and opt for cork, bamboo, or stone. If you must get tile, consider a checkered pattern, just to be different.
  • Skylight - As long as you are doing a remodel, now is your chance to add that skylight you have been dreaming of.
  • Ceiling Soffit - If a skylight is not in the plans consider an organic-shaped ceiling soffit with pendants hanging from it.
  • Herringbone Tile Work - Do you want a backsplash that is different than what everyone else has? A herringbone-like design should do the trick.
  • French Connection - If you want a French bistro atmosphere, creamy cabinetry with a gorgeous antique glaze will help achieve this look. Add stone walls and some iron work, too! 
  • Beams - You do not need to have a "need" for wood beams to add them to your ceiling. Crown your room with these wooden gems, and hang your pots and utensils from them.

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