Beige and Beyond: Decorating Your Bedroom with Neutrals


Are you hooked on beige even though so many people say it is boring? Beige gets a seriously bad rap, but in all fairness, it is one of the most versatile colors you can use for decorating. That being said, if you have nothing but beige items in your bedroom it could look and feel a little flat. If you love this color, then you should embrace it, but keep the room lively and interesting with these decorating tips.

  • Skip the Bedroom Set - For many years, nearly everyone purchased full bedroom sets. In fact, it was challenging to just find a single dresser or bed, and when you did it was almost as expensive as the full set the salesperson tried to steer you towards. Now, there is nothing wrong with full sets, but mixed pieces allow you to give the room more personality. This is especially important if you are decorating with beige.
  • Introduce Color - Even if you are "scared" of color, you will likely have a change of heart, if you introduce at least one or two bold colors to the room. This could be as a throw blanket, lampshade, or rug. You can even create a headboard made from a canvas covered in fabric that is a bold color or pattern. A little color makes a dramatic difference in a beige room. If you are brave, you can even paint one wall a bright color. Any shade will match beige, but aqua, tangerine, lime green, and various shades of purple are hot for 2014.
  • Buy an Ethanol Fireplace - Every room needs a focal point, but the importance is increased in a beige room. If the eyes see a lot of monotone and nothing exciting enough to draw them in, it can be stressful on the mind. Plus, it is uninspiring. An ethanol fireplace will become the focal point your room needs to appear polished and cozy. Fuel for ethanol fireplace products is quite simple to deal with. You simply pour it in the burner and ignite. If you want to put the fire out, just extinguish it. It is mess and smoke-free.
  • Don't Forget Metal and Plants - Metal and plants are the two elements most often forgotten in bedrooms. Metal adds texture and richness to a space. Copper is extremely popular right now and complements practically any color palette or theme. Plants are essential because every room needs living art. Many people have plants scattered throughout their home, but neglect the bedroom. You may want to consider those that are known to purify the air, such as peace lily, areca palm, Australian sword fern, dwarf date palm, weeping fig, and rubber plant.

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  • Brady Draper