Tips for Getting More Connected with Your Bedroom


Does your bedroom just look like a mess? Not that it is actually messy by any means. You don't need to have anything out of place for a space to be labeled as a mess. Maybe you have a generic comforter and plain curtains that really are doing nothing to complement one another. Perhaps you even finally got the nerve to paint an accent wall, but now it feels more disconnected than ever. There is a good chance that you have already picked a fantastic color palette; you simply need a little help pulling it all together!

Primary and Secondary Colors

Many people simply pick a handful of colors and try to incorporate them in their space without much thought. Ideally, you will take your chosen colors and separate them into primary and secondary categories. Your two primary colors will dominate in the room. The secondary ones will be used in small doses to add accent. If you are painting an accent wall it should be done in one of the secondary colors.

Start with Bedding

Your bedding will determine patterns or a theme used throughout the room. If you are having trouble deciding on a color palette, sometimes it is easier to pick your comforter first. When you see one you love, use its colors to inspire your palette.

  • Solid - If you have chosen a solid comforter in one of your primary colors then you can really have fun with patterns throughout because nothing will contrast the bed.
  • Print - If you picked a printed comforter then you may want to stick with solid curtains, sheets, etc. This is not a rule though. A striped comforter very well could welcome a floral, paisley, or patterned print used elsewhere in the room.

Essential Décor

Regardless what color palette or pattern you use, every room needs a few essential pieces of decor.

  • Personal Ethanol Fireplace - Every room in your home can welcome a personal ethanol fireplace. These modern art pieces provide warmth and ambiance, and the flame is smoke-free, so no toxins are released into the air.
  • Water Feature - A personal ethanol fireplace and a water feature will go together like apples and cinnamon. The cascading water will transform any room into a tranquil oasis while also cleaning the air.
  • Variety of Materials - An interesting room will have a variety of materials to create texture. Bamboo, copper, and porcelain are all very hot this year.

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