5 Quick Spring Spruce Ups for Your Home


After a long winter it is time to do some spring cleaning. Interestingly, this is often the one cleaning session that no one complains about. It feels good to dust those cobwebs, open the windows, and get rid of the stale air. During your spring cleaning weekend, there are a few other things you may want to do to spruce up your home, as well.

  1. Screen Repair - If there is even a small rip or hole in a screen, bugs will find their way in. Very small repairs can be done with a large sewing needle, clear fishing line, tweezers, and super glue. For larger repairs you will need replacement screen material. This is not the most exciting job, but you will be glad you got it over with.
  1. Ethanol Grate - If you are scrubbing soot off your walls, then your spring cleaning may not be quite the fun event others are experiencing. Do not go through another winter dealing with a dirty, smelly wood-burning fireplace that destroys the environment and compromises your health. Clean it out for the last time, and buy an ethanol grate. This will allow you to enjoy your fireplace without the mess and hidden danger. Plus, on those chilly spring and fall nights an ethanol grate can be filled with fuel and easily lit without a second thought. You probably would not even think about putting forth the effort to start a wood fire during these seasons. 
  1. Maximize Curb Appeal -You probably spend a lot of time creating a beautiful outdoor living space in the backyard; have you forgotten about the front yard. Some flowers, a new door mat, decorative solar lights, a bird feeder, and some garden statuary will improve curb appeal. If the budget allows, a tiered or wall fountain would also be a nice touch. 
  1. Paint Your Cabinets - If you have old cabinets dating your kitchen, it is time to give them a facelift. You could sand and refinish them, but you could also paint them and add new handles. You might even want to consider removing some of the doors for an airy look. 
  1. Refresh Your Walls - Since you can finally open the windows and you are washing walls anyway, you might as well give them all a fresh coat of paint. This will give you an excuse to try out that bold color you have had your eye on all winter!

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