Transform Your Balcony Into a Tranquil Oasis


Who says you need a patio in a large backyard to enjoy the fresh air? Apartment dwellers often wish they had a patio yet their balcony goes unused. Now, you may be saying that you can't possibly do anything with that small balcony space, but you will be quite surprised. You can easily create a magical outside waiting area to read, enjoy your morning cup of coffee, or just relax. Below are a few essential elements that you will need.  

  • Contemporary Seating - If you are single you could just put a beanbag chair or hammock swing out there. If there will often be two people sharing the balcony a small wrought iron bistro table with chairs will be perfect.
  • Outdoor Rug - You should be able to kick your shoes off out there in the summer, and have your toes welcomed by a soft outdoor rug. They are available in a huge variety of colors and patterns. When it gets dirty, simply roll it up, stick it in your trunk, and spray it with the power washer at the car wash. If you have a friend or family member with a yard and hose, this will work, too.
  • Ethanol Fireplace - You should not be restricted to only enjoying your balcony in the summer. Ethanol fireplaces make it possible to enjoy your balcony when there is a chill in the air. A small tabletop or freestanding one can be used inside your home, and when you want it on your balcony you just carry it out there. Since an ethanol fireplace does not need electricity, you do not need to deal with an extension cord.
  • Planters - You probably do not have space for several large planters. Fortunately, planters are now available specifically for balconies. They sit right on the railing, so you can have your own flower garden without taking up a lot of space. You could also use them to grow herbs and small vegetables.
  • Wind Chimes - As long as you have something to hang wind chimes from this is another soothing element to introduce to your space. Bamboo offers the most soothing sound while metal, glass, and other materials tend to have a more lively and sweet sound. 
  • Umbrella - Unless you are on a second or third floor behind a tree you will greatly appreciate the shade offered by an umbrella. Just make sure to buy a cover to protect it when it is not being used.

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