Essentials for Your Outside Patio Bar


You know that you are serious about entertaining when you have an outside bar in your backyard. Your house is probably the place where everyone goes after a night on the town or to spend a sunny Saturday afternoon catching up with tales of the week. So, now spring is here and it is time to make your outside bar area even better than before. Below are a few elements you may want to incorporate into this space before the arrival of your first official unexpected guest. 

  • Umbrella - If you already have a covered patio then you have all the sun protection you could possibly need. Otherwise, a couple of patio umbrellas will be important. You will get a lot more use out of your space, if you know you can go to it any time of the day, and not fight the sun's UV rays. For a really small bar area one large umbrella would likely be fine, but if you noticed last season that guests had to shift around as the earth's position to the sun changed throughout the day, then one or two extra umbrellas may be necessary.
  • Ethanol Fireplace - When the sun goes down, the bar area can get quite chilly. Even a mild evening can feel cool after a super-hot day. An ethanol fireplace will provide a source of heat while also creating ambiance. Again, for a larger space you might need more than one ethanol fireplace, unless you go with a very large one.
  • Unbreakable Barware - Do you constantly cringe at the thought of someone dropping their margarita or wine glass? Not only would this leave you with a huge mess to clean up; you would have to be extra cautious, so no one steps on a stray piece of glass with their bare feet. Well, before you resort to unsightly and wasteful disposable cups check out the selection of polycarbonate unbreakable barware that is available. These pieces look just like glass, but they will not shatter when they get dropped or knocked off a table.
  • Fun Seating - After a few drinks, guests want to get cozy in welcoming chairs. Trendy bar stools look great and are fine when you start the evening off, but you know they become less comfortable the longer you sit in them. This space needs seating that folks will not want to even get out of. Bean bag chairs with removable and machine-washable covers are the best. Just make sure they have a waterproof liner. Hammock chairs and porch swings are also ideal.

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