Mother's Day Gift Ideas She is Sure to Love


Do you struggle to come up with ideas for Mother's Day gifts every year? Of course your mother probably tells you that she does not need anything or that she just wants you to spend the day with her, but this does not mean she won't appreciate a heartfelt gift. Alternately, maybe you are buying for your significant other who is a new mother or a mom-to-be. You might be searching for Mother's Day gift ideas, as well! This list should help.

Bio Ethanol Fireplace

This is a present that is sure to blow her away. A bio ethanol fireplace is the perfect gift because it is beautiful, beneficial, and totally unexpected. Unless she actually hinted that she wanted one there is no way she will be able to guess what is underneath that pretty wrapping paper. This is a gift that is environmentally friendly, soothing, and comforting. They come in wall, tabletop, and freestanding varieties, so there is one to suit the taste of any mom.

Water Fountain

If mom does not have a water fountain in the home yet to soothe her mind she will need one of these, too. Ideally, water and fire will be displayed near one another. So purchase her the bio ethanol fireplace for Mother's Day, and add on the fountain for a different celebration.

Gardening Supplies

Soon, spring will fill the air, which means mom might be itching to go play in their dirt. Maybe she mentioned last year that she wanted a pop-up greenhouse or perhaps the fencing around the garden needs to be redone to keep the critters out. If your mom does not garden or plant flowers perhaps she would like a new birdbath, garden statuary, or a hammock for outside.


If mom does not have an electronic reader or tablet of some sort yet, maybe it is time to get her one. If she will probably only use it for reading, stick with a basic Kindle. However, if you get a nice tablet she might find that it comes in handy to try out new recipes in the kitchen, which you will probably appreciate! 


If your mom volunteers or supports a certain nonprofit organization, she will likely appreciate making a donation in her name. If she loves a specific park you could pay for a park bench, of if she has been helping a family in need you could buy the family gift cards for groceries. It is not a gift that she will get to open, but it is sure to be one she loves. If you have a bigger spending budget you could always pair this up with one of the other gifts. 

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  • Brady Draper