5 Essentials for Staging Your Home


If you are ready to put your house on the market then you are likely looking for ideas for staging. No one has to tell you that this is a buyer's market, so it is important that you have the small details that will make your house stand out from the many other competitively priced ones nearby. Alternately, maybe your house has been up for sale, but you haven't had much more than a nibble. Adding one or more of the following five things could help you seal the deal.

Bio Ethanol Fireplace

A warm dancing flame is inviting, and has a way of making people feel at home. You want buyers to imagine themselves living there, which is easy to do when there is a cozy fire going. A bio ethanol fireplace may be exactly what you need. They are super easy to use, so you can feel confident telling your realtor to go ahead and start a fire for the open house, or while showing the home to potential buyers. You may even want to install a recessed wall bio ethanol fireplace to stay in the home when you leave.

Herb Garden

The smell of freshly baked cookies does not sell homes anymore. For one, many people are making healthier food choices these days. Second, people may wonder what smell you are trying to cover up. An herb garden is a much better addition to your kitchen. It will make folks look forward to cooking there.

Water Fountain

Buying a home is just as stressful as selling one. If you can make potential buyers instantly feel relaxed when they enter your home they are more likely to fall in love with it. The sound of cascading water is very soothing. This is the perfect décor piece to put their mind at ease. Pair this with a bio ethanol fireplace and they may be ready to place a bid instantly.

Coat Rack

Although a rack that mounts to the wall is certainly nice, it is the freestanding variety that tends to make a house more interesting. Not to mention, people coming to look at your home in the winter are more likely to hang their coat on a freestanding coat rack than a wall-mounted one. Again, this increases their comfort level, which helps them feel at home.

Welcome Mat

The welcome mat at your front door gives the first impression of your home. Something as simple as the right outdoor rug can make more of a difference than you might think. You might even want to consider one with a funny message, so they are actually smiling as they walk through the door. 

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