Décor Pieces to Make Your Office More Comfortable


Whether you have finally been promoted to have your first very own office or if you have been looking at the same boring walls for years, but have not got around to decorating, these décor ideas will help. You spend about one-third of your life at your job; so truthfully, it only makes sense to make this space as comfortable as you possibly can. 

Personal Ethanol Fireplace

There are few things more soothing than a warm dancing flame. A personal ethanol fireplace is an essential in your office. The tabletop or small freestanding ones will be perfect. It does not create smoke, so venting is not needed. When you need to leave for lunch or you are done work for the day, you simply snuff the fire. Plus, office buildings are often chilly, so this will keep you toasty. Don't be surprised if your coworkers make excuses to stop in just so they can get warm.

Tabletop Fountain

Like a personal ethanol fireplace, a small tabletop fountain on your desk, a shelf, or the floor is another essential. It does not matter how stressful your day is or how horrible your morning meeting was, the soothing sound created by the water feature will help relieve your stress.

Decorate the Walls

Your boss probably does not want you hammering nails into the walls, but you don't have to. There are mounting supplies that stick to the wall and allow you to hang photos, light art pieces, etc., and then they remove from the wall without causing damage. You can even buy corner shelves that literally fit right into a corner and do not need any hardware to stay put.


A plant is an absolute essential in an office. Living art will breathe life into a drab space, especially if you don't have a window to look out of. Place a few in the corner on the floor, or pick up a cheap plant stand at a garage sale. Cacti are great, if you get sunlight. If your office is dim, keep this in mind when picking your plants. You should not have to fight to keep them alive.

New Chair

A comfortable work chair is extremely important. It will affect how well you ultimately perform at your job. An uncomfortable chair can be distracting. It can also cause a sore back, aching in the legs, tension in the neck and shoulders, and a headache. If your boss will not buy you a decent chair, splurge on one yourself. You can always take it with you when you move to another office.

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  • Brady Draper