Tips for Decorating Your Summer Kitchen


If you are building a summer kitchen or moving into a house with one then you might not be quite sure how to go about furnishing and decorating it. Anyone who has ever had one will tell you that this will be the most popular room in the home from spring through fall. When temperatures dip at night, or it starts to rain while guests are over, everyone will move into the summer kitchen to continue socializing. This room will ultimately probably end up getting used more than your regular kitchen. 

Have Fun with Color

Since this room is separate this is your chance to have fun with color, patterns, and themes that won't match the rest of your home. Maybe you want to turn it into a French bistro or 50s diner, or perhaps you want the space to look like one giant picnic. Whatever the case is, you can really have fun with this room!

Add a Heat Source

Quite often, you are going to retreat to this room because it has cooled off. Alternately, in the spring and fall you might just try to make the most of this space, but you will need warmth to do so. Bio fuel wall fireplaces are ideal. They mount on the wall, so they are out of the way. The fuel is environmentally friendly and does not need venting, and they create ambiance. Bio fuel wall fireplaces are excellent to also add to your primary living space, if you don't already have one.

Bring Summer Inside

Just because there are plants, flowers, and trees within view right outside the door does not mean that you shouldn't add some to your summer kitchen. If you are creating a seaside look don't forget sand dollars, sea shells, and natural sand.

Don't Forget Your Floor

Whether you have carpeting, tiling, or hardwood floors, you are going to want to add some rugs. This area will experience a lot of foot traffic. Don't assume you have to get boring dark rugs to hide the dirt though. There are light-colored and patterned outdoor rugs that are nice enough to pass for indoor ones, but simply get sprayed off with a hose.

Stock it Thoughtfully

You don't want to have to run to your main kitchen every time you need salt and pepper, dish soap, or a spatula. Furnish your summer kitchen with everything you need, and you will be able to relax and enjoy the space just a little bit more, without having to worry about what you have forgotten or what your guests might need.


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  • Brady Draper