Add Elegance to Your Outdoor Patio or with These Décor Pieces


Outdoor double sided ethanol fireplace

Some people love decorating their outdoor space in fun colors and patterns. However, there is no rule that says your patio has to look like you are having a tiki party. If you prefer a more upscale look, you can certainly achieve an elegant look outdoors with the right décor. Below are a few elements to add to your space that will help create a classy display and sophisticated atmosphere. 

Ethanol Fireplaces

If you only shop for one thing on this list let it be an ethanol fireplace. These are essential pieces to your outdoor living space for more than just aesthetic reasons. Sure, they help create an upscale vibe, but they also warm your guests, create a focal point, and help increase security in the dark.

Outdoor Lighting

Since a lot of entertaining will take place after the sun goes down you will want to choose your lighting appropriately. Tabletop fireplaces will provide some light, but you might need more. Solar lights are really ideal. Rather than string Christmas lights around the patio and fencing, buy string lights made for year-round use, so you don't look like you are creating a confusing medley between a festive display and contemporary patio.

Formal Settings

Your patio table is worthy of the same settings as your indoor dining room table. Table runners and decorative placemats that complement cushions and rugs are ideal. You don't have to use plastic outside either. Consider hearty materials, such as bamboo, melamine, wood, or stainless steel. If you are buying pieces individually consider purchasing one extra of everything, so you have it in case you need it. Most importantly, don't forget the centerpiece regardless if it is inside or outside.

Water Element

The right water fountain will bring sophistication to the space. Obviously, a tiered one with frogs, birds, etc., will not help create the look you are trying to achieve. Don't be afraid to add a glass freestanding fountain to your patio. They are significantly more durable than you might expect them to be. If you have an exterior wall that you can mount something on you could always go with a wall water feature. Ideally, water will always be paired with fire, so the fountains should share the space of your tabletop fountain.

Stunning Rug

One element most overlooked by people when decorating their outdoor space is the rug. Many people are not aware that there is a huge selection of outdoor rugs that are nice enough to use in your home, but designed for the outdoors. A rug will essentially be the piece that pulls your space together. 

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