Heating Sources for Your Restaurant's Outdoor Patio


As spring quickly approaches you are probably getting increasingly eager to open the outdoor seating at your restaurant. Now is the time to start hiring more staff to make sure everyone is properly trained for the busy season. Now also happens to be the time to start thinking about how you are going to keep all those customers warm when the sun goes down. Not to mention there are always customers eager to start sitting out there as soon as the temperature warms up just a bit, but then they realize how chilly it still is once they sit outside a while, and become a little miserable. If you have a sufficient heat source then you can keep them warm while they are getting a jump on spring. This will also come in handy in the fall when folks just are not quite ready to let go of their favorite season yet.

Ethanol Fireplace Burners

There are some ethanol fireplace burners that are designed to use indoors and outdoors, so you can place them in a fire pit and arrange seating so patrons can warm their toes while they sip cocktails. Ethanol fireplace burners use bio ethanol fuel, which is smoke-free, odorless, and environmentally-friendly. The flame is real, and it will even create ambiance. They are also very convenient because when it is time to close the restaurant for the evening or if it starts raining and you need to move guests inside, simply snuff the flame and you can light it again later.

Patio Heaters

They may not look as nice as a realistic flame, and they certainly do not create the ambiance of an ethanol fireplace burner, but they can provide heat to a fairly large space quite quickly. These are great to use alongside a fire element. There are some patio heaters that have small tables, which will be ideal if your customers tend to mingle, or if you offer more of a bar atmosphere in the evening. There are also some that can be mounted from a beam or inside a patio umbrella.

Tabletop Fireplaces

Decorative tabletop fireplaces can be scattered around your restaurant patio, and as their name implies they simply get placed on a table. They are available in bio ethanol and gel varieties in a wide variety of styles. These are also ideal to use as a centerpiece on large tables, and they will provide a little extra light, which enhances security. 

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  • Brady Draper