How Safe Are Freestanding Fireplaces?


You always remember the first time you see a freestanding fireplace. If you have recently been introduced to them at a cocktail party or simply visiting a friend, you were likely immediately drawn to its unique, contemporary design. You probably had an "I must have this!" moment, but then started wondering if one would really be practical in your home. Maybe you just now stumbled across them while browsing our site, looking for a different style.

What is the Perfect Environment?

Essentially, the perfect environment to add a freestanding ethanol fireplace to is one that could use warmth, ambiance, and a dynamic focal point. Right about now you are probably thinking that this describes just about every room in your home, right? Well, fortunately for you, they can be placed anywhere. These unique pieces have the ability to transform an ordinary space into one that is much more modern. Do you already have a contemporary theme? One of these fireplaces will be the finishing touch that ties the room together.

Will it Tip Over?

The biggest fear people have is that the fireplace will get bumped and tip over. Since it may be placed in front of the sofa or an angle by your favorite reading chair, you may think you will walk right into it. Why is this? You probably do not walk into the coffee or end tables, ottoman, pet bed, or any other obstacle, so why would a fireplace be any different? Besides, a small bump is not going to knock these things over. They are far more stable than they may look. Some are quite heavy, too.

Are They Really Safe?

When you think about it, with a wood-burning fireplace there is always a concern of hot sparks flying out on the carpet or nearby furniture when the fire crackles. Plus, a chimney fire is always a possibility, as well. These are not concerns with freestanding varieties.

Ethanol fireplaces create no smoke and require no venting, so you never have to worry about a chimney fire because you will not be using one. These fires are generally contained behind safety glass, and if they are exposed, they do not crackle wildly like a wood fire. The flame they create is more predictable and consistent.

If you have always avoided a wood fire in your home because you do not like the idea of going to bed with a fire still burning, then ethanol fireplaces are perfect for you. When you are ready to go to sleep, you simply extinguish the flame.

It is also safe for your health because it does not dangerously diminish oxygen levels, and it does not release harmful toxins into the air you breathe. It is a safe, odor-free, and brilliant fire you can enjoy in an instant.

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  • Brady Draper