Stay Warm during a Power Outage with Ethanol Fireplaces


As you have probably already noticed, power outages always seem to happen on the coldest, dampest, or windiest days. A winter storm is bad enough, but when the lights flicker once and then everything goes out and it is snowing out, you know you are going to be in for a long, cold night. Of course, if you have a couple ethanol fireplaces you may not be crying when you learn that your estimated restoration date is several days away.


Are They Really Warm?

Many people look at these modern fireplaces and assume they are only for show. This is absolutely not true. They kick off a significant amount of heat, so while one small one will not heat a whole house, it could keep the room you are occupying quite comfortable. If you have a few to light, you will be even warmer. For example, our Orlando Bio Ethanol Fireplace is one of the medium-sized freestanding varieties. Although it weighs nearly 100 pounds, its wheel base allows it to easily be moved where you need it. The burner holds 50oz of fuel, and will provide a heat capacity of 9,553 BTUs for approximately six hours.

Are They Safe?

If you are not familiar with ethanol fireplaces then you might be wondering how it is safe to have a fire in a home without it being vented to release toxins outside. Well, this is because there are no toxins to release. There is no smoke either. This type of fireplace burns bio ethanol fuel. This is an odorless, clean fuel source that allows you to enjoy a fire anywhere. This is good news for you and the environment.

Are They Difficult to Operate?

Enjoying a warm fire was never achieved so easily. All you have to do is pour the fuel in the burner and ignite. The heat is instant and remains at a consistent temperature. If you need to leave the house to go get takeout or a coffee, you can simply extinguish the flame and light it back up when you get home. It should also be noted that the flame will provide you with a little needed light once the sun goes down and the house gets dark.

Helpful Tips

If you only have one or a couple small fireplaces, the goal is to keep the room you are occupying warm. Closing the doors will help contain the heat in one area. If you have one of our tabletop ethanol fireplaces then you can easily move it into your bedroom with you. You may even want to light that one a little before bed and put it in your room with the door closed, so it will be warm in there when you are ready to sleep. Always keep plenty of fuel on-hand, so you have it available when you need it the most.

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  • Brady Draper
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