Tabletop Fireplaces for Every Room in Your Home


Do you generally have candles burning in every room of your home? It is nice to have the ambiance welcome you as you walk from one room to the next, even if you are the only one home! Maybe you barely burn candles at all, but wish you could have a warm fire to enjoy after a long day. Whether you appreciate a fire for its ambiance or warmth, or a little of both, tabletop fireplaces should be a staple in your home.

What Are They?

Tabletop fireplaces give you the warmth and calming atmosphere you love in a dancing flame, but in a safe, odor-free, and environmentally-friendly way. They are essentially "mini" fireplaces that burn bio ethanol. They do not create any smoke, so no venting is needed, and they will not diminish oxygen levels, so they can be used anywhere, even an apartment complex. This also means that you can add one to every room in your home.

Decorating Ideas

  • Living Room -The room you probably spend the most time in either relaxing or entertaining is likely your living room, and therefore should have a tabletop ethanol fireplace. It will create the focal point your space might be missing! You can place one on an end table or the entertainment center, or for a dramatic display, check out our Planika Coffee Fire Long Bioethanol Fireplace. This gives you a coffee table and fireplace in one contemporary piece.
  • Dining Room - Skip the candles or vase of flowers on the table and opt for a centerpiece that will really have your guests talking! Our Eco-Feu Sunset Biofuel Fireplace just might inspire more frequent dinner parties.

  • Bedroom - Fire is very calming, which makes the bedroom the perfect room in the house for an ethanol fireplace. Whether you watch TV or do a little reading before bed, enjoy a fire to help calm your mind. You can extinguish it whenever you are ready to go to sleep, but if you fall asleep, it will go out on its own when the fuel is done.

  • Bathroom - Why not enjoy a spa experience right from home? You can place one of our smaller styles right on the vanity to enjoy while you soak in the tub. Of course, you will want to have this one lit when you do have guests over to create a nice element of surprise in a room that often lacks in décor. Our Mika Ceramic Bio Ethanol Tabletop Fireplace would be perfect for this room.

  • Office - Whether you work at home or use your home office to check your email and read, this is the perfect room for one. It can go right on the corner of a desk or a small side table.

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  • Brady Draper