Create the Ultimate Focal Point with a Recessed Wall Fireplace


As if a modern ethanol fireplace does not already create the most dynamic focal point a room could possibly hope for, now consumers have the option of adding a recessed variety to their space. If you are like most others you came to Ethanol Fireplace Pros looking for a traditional wall style, but then you stumbled upon the recessed options, and now everything has changed. Now you have no idea what you want! Sure, you have probably seen these gorgeous pieces in movies or even your favorite five-star restaurant or wine bar, but who knew they were available for residential use?

What Are Recessed Fireplaces?

Recessed fireplaces are installed right into a wall of your home. An appropriate size hole is created, and the fireplace is put inside and secured in place using the included mounting hardware. You may be assuming that this is a monumental project, but it is a lot easier than you think.

First, unlike an electrical fireplace, this variety needs no wiring, so you do not need to worry about hiring an electrician for the installation. Second, since ethanol fireplaces do not create any smoke they do not need a flue. So, unlike a traditional wood-burning fireplace, major structural changes to your home are not necessary. The frame of the fireplace keeps the heat from entering your walls. Some styles even come with optional safety glass.


Obviously, the biggest benefit to be received by a recessed wall fireplace is the bold focal point it creates. Even an unlit one manages to draw the eye. If you have children or pets in the home, you could not ask for a safer option. The fireplace can be mounted at a level where there is no risk of fingers or paws getting burned. Plus, since they are generally at eye level, they can easily be viewed and enjoyed, regardless where you are sitting in a room.

As mentioned, these fireplaces do not create smoke, which means there are not toxic particles released into the air that you breathe. This is good news for you and the environment. If you love the look of a fire, but hate the way they smell, you will appreciate that recessed ethanol fireplaces are odor-free.

Also, since they require no floor space, they are ideal for small homes. Their clean-burning fire is inviting, calming, and environmentally-friendly. Plus, you may be quite surprised at how much warmth these pieces provide.

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