Decorating Your Business with Ethanol Fireplaces


It does not matter what type of business you have; it will benefit from an ethanol fireplace. A warm, inviting fire is something every person coming through your door will appreciate. Fire is calming, allowing the individual to immediately relax and start their experience with you in a positive way. So, whether you have a small consignment store, corner café, law office, or medical practice, you will have no problem finding a fireplace here at Ethanol Fireplace Pros that will complement your space perfectly.

Determine Your Needs

Sure, you say you are going to buy just a small wall fireplace for your waiting room, but it will not be long before you are adding to your collection. You may already know you want one for a couple walls and maybe a few for desks or tables, so you already have a list of your needs. You will find that the styles available here are quite contemporary and nearly all will complement one another. Do not feel as though you have to stick with one style. For example, if you prefer the elegant look of glass, and you really like our Nu-Flame Accenda Cylinder Tabletop Fireplace you could pair this up with the Irradia and Ardore, also by Nu-Flame, and all three tabletop varieties would look fantastic with our Melina Wall Mount Bio Ethanol Fireplace.

If your budget only allows for you to get one for now, but you know you will want more later, start with your favorite and build on from there. Quite often though, it is easiest to buy the largest one that will be the focal point and add on smaller ones later.

Where to Put Them

Maybe you know you want a modern fireplace, but you are not quite sure where it should go. Well, as mentioned, the waiting room is always a recommended place. You might as well give your clients, patients, or customers a welcoming and comfortable environment to enjoy while they wait. If you have a customer service desk where people check in, pay for items, request information, etc., this is the perfect place for a tabletop ethanol fireplace. This is especially true if you accept payments at this desk, as the fire will relax them when they feel their wallet getting lighter or their credit card balance growing.

Freestanding fireplaces are extremely stylish and provide a substantial amount of heat, but they should be reserved for mature environments. An accounting office, spa, and bridal boutique are good examples. Always make sure it is placed out-of-the-way of foot traffic. You may know to walk around it if it is placed in the middle of the floor, but those visiting your business for the first time could turn around and walk into it. When in doubt, wall varieties are always a safe pick, as there is no risk of them getting tripped over.

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  • Brady Draper