Ethanol Fireplaces: The Easiest Way to Achieve a Contemporary Look


Do you love the look of contemporary spaces, but simply do not have the funds to completely redecorate your room? Maybe money is no concern; you love your furniture and color palette, but wish the environment looked a little more modern. Perhaps you have tried to mimic the look of a room in a magazine, but your home just does not look as contemporary as the print one you are trying to copy. Whatever the case is you will quickly discover that an ethanol fireplace can be your best friend. These stunning pieces of functional art are as modern as they get, and have the ability to completely transform the look and feel of an entire room. This is the element your room has been missing.


Diamond 2 Bio-Ethanol Wall Fireplace


You really cannot go wrong with a wall ethanol fireplace. Since it is mounted at about eye-level it will capture the attention of every person entering the room. If you take a look at our Diamond 2 Bio-Ethanol Wall Fireplace you will agree that it will demand attention, even when it is not lit!

Another great thing about creating a contemporary space with a modern wall fireplace is that it will be out-of-the-way of little fingers and paws, making this variety very popular for homes with children and pets. These pieces can be mounted on virtually any wall because they do not need venting, and you are not restricted to a wall with an electrical outlet.


Tectum S Freestanding Bio Ethanol Fireplace



This type of modern fireplace allows you to warm your toes in unparalleled style! Freestanding ones can be placed anywhere on the floor. Some choose to keep them near a wall or at least out-of-the-way of foot traffic. However, if you are enjoying a bottle of wine with friends or lying on the floor, enjoying a movie marathon, you can always move one of the lighter ones close to you. Our Tectum S Freestanding Bio Ethanol Fireplace is a great example of one that can be moved where you want with ease. It is compact yet bold, and its 1.5-liter burner will generate approximately 6,000 BTUs for up to six hours.


Eco-Feu Stratus Biofuel Tabletop Fireplace



Even if you buy one of our wall or freestanding fireplaces, you will want to check out what we have available in our tabletop category. Forget lighting four-wick pillar candles throughout your home that can create a wax mess; tabletop ethanol fireplaces are the way to go. These polite-sized pieces can be placed in every room of your home, even the bathroom! Our Eco-Feu Stratos Biofuel Tabletop Fireplace is an elegant option that will complement any of our larger styles nicely. Of course, they can be used as a standalone attraction, as well.

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